Take Your Business Forward with Confidence.

We'll show you how

Take Your Business Forward with Confidence

We'll show you how

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CZ Consultancy excels in delivering bespoke business optimization solutions and strategic advisories, meticulously crafted to diminish operational expenses and elevate efficiencies. Our approach is anchored in collaborative innovation, tailored to comprehend and evolve our clients' business landscapes. With a track record of empowering over 800 SMEs, we have adeptly navigated challenges including the reduction of excessive overhead costs and the enhancement of overall business performance.


Business Consultancy

At the heart of business success lies the trifecta of efficiency, productivity, and cost optimization. CZ Consultancy's cadre of professional and certified consultants is dedicated to dissecting and enhancing your operational framework. Our expertise encompasses a comprehensive suite of services, from identifying pivotal improvement areas, advising on strategic alignment, to meticulously planning and executing tailored solutions and grants, all aimed at catapulting your business performance to new heights.


In the realm of corporate progression, maintaining precise accounting records is not merely a necessity but a cornerstone for operational success and regulatory adherence. CZ Consultancy's team of seasoned accountants offers a seamless and effortless experience, ensuring that your financial records are not just meticulously managed but are also in strict compliance with evolving regulatory mandates. Our service ensures that your financial operations are an asset, not an obstacle, to your business growth


Corporate Secretarial

Navigating the complexities of the Singapore Company Act and ACRA regulations requires more than just diligence; it demands expertise. CZ Consultancy's seasoned corporate secretarial advisors are the custodians of compliance, ensuring that your company not only adheres to all regulatory requirements but excels in them. From precise annual filings to the meticulous execution of regulated activities, our team guarantees that your corporate practices are impeccable, safeguarding your business from any inadvertent legal transgressions.

Human Resource

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) monitors the human resource practice of companies closely. Employers must understand the guidelines fully and pay their employees rightfully. Our professional HR managers will be able to advise you on the proper preparation of documents, from a legal employment contract, payslips, cpf, employee tax and IR8A submissions.


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Since 2015, CZ Consultancy has been dedicated to provide business optimization solutions and other business-related advisories for our valued clients.

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